CW’s Dynasty Just Lost A Major Main Cast Member



Dynasty fans will be in for a shock after hearing that yet ANOTHER main cast member will be stepping down from their role on the show. This will be the third to leave in the last 18 months.

Nicollete Sheridan – who plays Alexis Carrington, has announced that she is stepping down on her role to help care for her mother who is currently in ill health. Her final scenes will be airing in March.

Image result for alexis carrington[Photo credit: CW/Netflix]

“Working on the Dynasty reboot and reprising the iconic role of Alexis has been thoroughly enjoyable, but the chance to spend precious time with my terminally ill mother is more important to me right now,” she said in a statement.

“I am profoundly grateful to Mark Pedowitz (The CW) and David Stapf (CBS) for graciously allowing me to return to Los Angeles to be with her, and I wish them and everyone associated with the show nothing but continued success.”

“I am hopeful that my fans will embrace my successor with as much passion as they embraced me,” Sheridan added.

This comes not long after main cast member, James Mackay, who plays Steven Carrington posted a confusing message on Instagram a few months back explaining to his followers: “All new #Dynasty tonight, but, yep, sorry to say without yours truly.

“While Steven had a choice to leave, unfortunately I didn’t. There’s a lot of decisions involved in making television, and sometimes they just don’t go your way and you have to live with it. So for now, all love and on we go. Hope you all enjoy the show. J xx.”

Followers began to reach out to James, asking him just what he really meant by his message.

One user wrote: “I don’t understand the decisions that have been made on this show. It’s been my guilty pleasure since it started and had everything going for itself ! The season finale was an amazing cliffhanger but then we find out @natkelley is fired? That was crazy ! Nobody can play crystal carrington better than her … then, @jameswmackay you’re storyline couldn’t gotten so good with that new father thing and then they cut you off too?? Thank god for @lizgillz because she’s amazing and now the heart of the show but if things keep going like this the rest of the cast will end up being victims of poor decisions by big bosses who clearly don’t care about developing a storyline and this will yet be another great show to get cancelled . I’m sad”

While another commented: “Tf!?! Nooooo!!! I will definitely missed you😭 You were the one who always saw the light in everyone. Got a special love for you”

There has been no official confirmation of what this means for James, or even if his character Steven will be making a comeback later on in the season, but judging by his post it isn’t likely.

Dynasty was recently renewed for a third season.

[Featured Image Credit: CW/Netflix]

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