Looks Like Kylie Jenner Has Finally Decided Whose Side She’s On

It’s official.


Since news broke of Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson’s ‘cheating’ scandal, everyone’s been wondering one thing – whose side will Kylie Jenner take?

After all, Jordyn has been Kylie’s best friend since they were kids, but blood is thicker than water and it was her SISTER Khloe Kardashian who was affected in this, after all.

Well, this video might have just cleared up the debate on which side Kylie has taken, as it speaks volumes.

TMZ recently reported that Kylie has reportedly taken Jordyn off of the security clearance list for her gated community, meaning that she will no longer be able to drop in to her and Kylie’s former home ‘as and when she pleases’. The Kardashians have also reportedly cut off Jordyn from any of the business endeavours that were previously in place, by slashing the price of her Kylie Cosmetic’s lipstick to half, and also from removing her official page off of Khloe’s Good American brand.

However, the door is ‘still somewhat open’ for Kylie to eventually forgive Jordan, according to the publication, as it’s been said that the sister’s will not be surprised if Kylie lets her back into her life in the future.

Kylie has since responded in her own way to the rumours – by unfollowing Tristan on social media. However, it goes without saying that by not unfollowing Jordyn – like Khloe and the rest of the family have – Kylie might not be kicking her best friend to the curb just yet.


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While reports have been going around that Jordyn has since moved out of the home she shares with Kylie, it is believed that the youngest Jenner MIGHT just be keeping her friendship. According to sources, because Jordyn is such an important part of Kylie’s daughter, Stormi’s life, the lip-kit mogul might just be keeping her around.

A source told E!: “Jordyn and Kylie are sisters and inseparable best friends. The family doesn’t expect them to not be friends anymore,” a source explains. “Time will dictate what happens here.”

However, E! has already previously reported that Kylie’s life has apparently been turned “upside down” by the alleged cheating, and she now feels like she never really knew her best friend at all.

“Jordyn was a friend that Khloe confided in about her difficulties with Tristan and then Jordyn did this. The family won’t be forgiving,” the source said. “They have done everything to help Jordyn be successful on her own. They feel she would be nothing without them. It’s such a betrayal for them.”


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