The First Plot Details For Frozen 2 Have Been Revealed



Earlier this month Disney revealed the long-awaited trailer for the sequel to their mega-hit Frozen.

While the clip was more than enough to get people excited, it didn’t really give anything away in terms of plot details.

Now though we could have our first glimpse at the premise for the sequel and it’s sounding like it will revolve largely around Anna and Elsa searching for what actually happened to their parents.

Jim Hill and Drew Taylor, who are usually pretty clued up on these kinds of things discussed the potential plot in their ‘Fine Tooning‘ podcast.

For those who have seen the first film, you will know that the sisters’ parents died in a shipwreck. The Frozen 2 trailer sees Elsa attempting to use her powers to cross a stormy sea, Hill suggested that the visual parallel between both scenes could have been an intentionally hint without Disney giving away too much.

Could this be Elsa’s mother? (Disney)

Of course this is just one theory, though it does seem like a more than reasonable assumption.

There’s even a new theory that the two new characters seen in the trailer may be Anna and Elsa’s parents and that this is a flashback scene.

Soon after the trailer’s release, it quickly became clear that the demand for the sequel was there.

Disney shattered another huge film record by racking up a staggering 116.4 million views in its first 24 hours.

This breaks the previous record of the most-watched trailer of all-time for an animated film that was held by Incredibles 2 by 2.8 million views.

It’s barely new ground for Disney though, as it marks the third trailer record-breaking trailer in just a few months. The Lion King became Disney’s most-watched trailer debut ever with 224.6 million views in November 2018.

Then Avengers: Endgame broke the all-time record in December 2018 with 289 million views.

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