There’s Been A Huge Development In The Making A Murderer Case

“Avery Update: We Won!!!!!!”

Few documentaries have had an impact quite like Netflix’s Making a Murderer, which explores the controversial case surrounding the murderer of Teresa Halbach.

Season one followed the trial of Steven Avery who was ultimately convicted along with his nephew Brendan Dassey. Though that only tells half of the story, which is littered with talking points and issues surrounding both convictions.

Season two saw Avery bring in Kathleen Zellner, an attorney specialising in wrongful convictions, who cast even further doubt over the case.

Since the second season ended, Zellner has frequently shared updates on the case and hinted at ways in which she believes will allow her to prove Steven’s and ultimately Brendan’s innocence.

One of the biggest talking points has always revolved around the bones found in the Manitowoc County Gravel Pit. Suspected human bone fragments were found in the quarry away from the Avery property in a consistent condition to those found in the Avery yard.

Zellner recently tried to get these bones tested to establish once and for all whether or not they were human. However her motion was denied by the Wisconsin Court of Appeals in early 2019.

If those fragments were identified and belonged to Halbach it could refute the State’s theory that she was killed and burned in Avery’s burn pit.

Zellner now believes that the Attorney General’s Office has been attempting to “deceive” her and her client, by hiding the whereabouts of this forensic evidence.

According to a letter submitted by Zellner to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals on February 13, “never-before disclosed ledger sheets” have surfaced that suggest the bones were returned to the Halbach family.

In addition to that, the pelvic bone was categorised as human, though it remains unclear whether or not it belonged to Halbach.

The letter also alleges that Assistant Attorney General Thomas Fallon “consistently represented to undersigned counsel for the last three years that the State was in possession of the pelvic bone”.

In response to these allegations, a spokesperson for the Attorney General’s Office told Rolling Stone that they “cannot comment on ongoing litigation”.

On February 18, Kathleen Zellner shared an update on Twitter. “The State has confirmed with us that they did in fact give ‘many bones’ back to TH’s family,” she wrote. “They have no proof they gave notice to SA or his attorneys = violation state law & due process.”

In a statement to Newsweek, Zellner explained: “This admission proves these bone fragments were returned to the family and it is undisputed there was no notice given to Steven Avery or his attorneys and that violates Wisconsin law.”

The attorney did add that this process was in no way the fault of Halbach’s family.

“The Halbach family are victims of this grave miscarriage of justice,” she said. “And they should not be blamed for any aspect of this case.”

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