Twitter User Rates Most Iconic British Television Moments Of The 2010s


The internet is my most favourite place in the world, because it can bring you moments in history that you’d forgotten had even happened.

One Twitter user, Diyora Shadijanova blessed all of us by posting a thread (which then went viral) of some of the most iconic British television moments from 2010-2019, and we can confirm that she did not disappoint.

Shall we take a look at her list? I think so:

  1. Kat from Eastenders telling everyone she wasn’t just a little bit of a slag, but that she had become ‘a total slag’.

2. The Come Dine With Me moment when the guy put his entire mouth around a whisk, with absolutely no f*cks given.

3. Back to the Eastenders crew for this one, with the OG Ben (who was an absolute psycho as a character) and all the drama he brought along.

4. Little Mix star Jesy Nelson’s unforgettable Jamaican impression.

5. Amy Hart from Love Island rushing back to tell Curtis Pritchard that she was more upset that he’d decided to sack her off for another woman because ‘she was actually coming back to tell him that she LOVED him’.

6. Jason and the Camper Vans from The Apprentice.

7. Emily Thornberry accidentally getting a boob high five from Jeremy Corbyn.

8. When Gemma Collins fell through the floor at the BBC Radio 1 Awards.

9. When Chanelle McCleary got kicked out of Ex On The Beach for starting a fight with Geordie Shore’s Zahida Allen.

10. When the girl wanted to replace the ‘bing bong’ noise that Big Ben makes in London.

If you want to check out the rest of the thread, which also includes incredible moments like Tiffany Pollard’s ‘David is DEAD’ on Celebrity Big Brother, and also Gino D’Campo’s ‘If my mother had wheels, then she’d be a bike’, click on the above tweets.

However, I’d personally like to end this all on my absolute favourite iconic moment from the 2010s, which is the Come Dine With Me episode where Jane gets told she has a sad little life, and has the grace and decorum of a reversing dump truck with no tires.

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